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Your Fetish needs
Develop your digital strategy - Develop your company's brand - Marketing strategy to generate more qualified leads - Reduce your acquisition costs - Know and retain your customers - Increase the value of your customers - Listen and engage your communities - Develop skills on digital.


Each Dominatrix is unique and has specific goals.
This is why we offer you totally personalized support: whatever your objectives and the levers of your digital strategy, your contact will always be available for you.

Thanks to a common dashboard and the regular sharing of information, management is precise, with high responsiveness in the implementation of new actions aimed at your strategic objectives. This flexibility allows us to support you regardless of the size of your business, and regardless of the strategic digital levers put in place.

Your digital needs are unique, as is the way you manage your projects. This is why we offer you à la carte support: at each step, we adapt completely to you!
Depending on your organization, your needs and your availability, your contact at KFP Media may be:

KFP Média  

Your KFP contact
A Consulting Director
He supports you in formalizing the strategic plan, ensures the monitoring and development of your project alongside the teams and is present at the various key stages that mark out the year (reports, etc.).

An Account Manager
He coordinates the experts, ensures compliance with the action plan to achieve the objectives, analyzes performance and provides you with personalized advice on your strategy.

An expert (s)
They deploy the defined strategy by delivering quality work to achieve and exceed your goals. They are available to your teams to discuss and co-construct actions.

  KFP Média  
Optimize their visibility strategy in the age of digitization.

We optimize your Fetish media and digital campaigns using an un-piloted media approach that takes into account our partner's entire journey with an omnichannel vision.

First European network of Fetish and BDSM agencies, KFP-Media offers you a unique media vision integrating all digital issues.

Contact the KFP Media team:

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