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The exclusive content management system for dominant ladies
More than 15 years of experience in the fields of fetish and femdom
The exclusive content management system for dominant ladies
Are you looking for a CMS to set up your website ?
The exclusive content management system for dominant ladies
We offer you this CMS ! !
The exclusive content management system for dominant ladies
Our advantages at a glance ! !
Our DNA:
KFP SPIRIT is a unique identity in Fetish DIigital and female domination.
The KFP SPIRIT adventure began on April 29, 1999 with the creation of KFP Media, just 10 months after Google.
KFP Media is a unique experience in Fetish and Bdsm which allows us to deploy 14 areas of expertise to cover the entire consumer journey, from banding to loyalty through acquisition and transformation.
Innovation at the heart of our activity.
In the digital age, the success of any business necessarily requires agility and speed of adaptation. The goal ? Provide our partners with a highly personalized and memorable experience, based on appropriate marketing techniques.
At KFP Media, innovation is at the heart of our business: it is of strategic importance and must lead to operational implementation. From our beginnings, we have created an innovation center, in charge of anticipating the market and identifying new fetish trends related to our core business (machine learning, artificial intelligence, voice, ultra-personalization, real time, etc. ).

Present in the Fetish and Bdsm universe since 1999
Promote the creation of innovative systems adapted to our partners and their challenges.

Master the technologies of tomorrow to make the most of them so that you can offer your consumers remarkable experiences with an optimized return on investment.

We test all innovative devices internally for our partners at no cost to them.

If the results are conclusive and these solutions meet their objectives, we deploy them on their activity.
Present in the Fetish and Bdsm universe since 1999
Creator of Fetish & digital successes since 1999

KFP Media is a unique capability for a comprehensive or targeted approach based on more than
30 expertises.

Orchestrated effectively. Thanks to a clear and understandable vision of acquisition issues, KFP Media's experts cover all web marketing professions with the agility and expertise of a “pure player”: natural referencing, paid referencing, social ads , UX-UI and web design, social media management, content, monitoring and e-reputation, display and marketing automation.

Optimize their visibility strategy in the age of digitization.

We optimize your Fetish media and digital campaigns using an un-piloted media approach that takes into account our partner's entire journey with an omnichannel vision.

First European network of Fetish and BDSM agencies, KFP-Media offers you a unique media vision integrating all digital issues.

Contact the KFP Media team: karnage.fetish.productions@gmail.com

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